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Solblossi: Sigur Ros x Juan Azulay @ Neuehouse

Solblossi is an immersive media sculpture to accompany a live show for Icelandic band Sigur Ros as an integral part of their 'Soundbath' format, which was performed as part of the week at Disney Concert Hall at Neuehouse in Los Angeles, California. 


The concept of the project responds to the idea of a digital interactive solar flare to work in a large room as part of an audio-sensitive experience. During the Sigur Ros performance, the ‘Solblossi’ went through innumerable color sequences, responses and patterns in real-time.


The patterns were driven by the installation being connected to the band’s sound board outputs in real-time – then ‘interpreted’ and manipulated live through a custom-designed interface, programmed in C++. 


The project was Maavven-produced, led by Juan Azulay, and it featured fine artist Perry Hall, code artist Jonathan Morris-Jones and LED artist Pete Thornbury.






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